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Last year, BorgWarner repositioned itself as a leading solution provider in the areas of combustion, hybrid, and electric. Since this time, the drive specialist has been continuously extending its portfolio of electrified products to incorporate new and innovative solutions.

The best example of this is the eBooster®, which celebrated its premiere in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2017. You can read more about this on page 6 of this edition of TurboNews. The main focus of our interview starting on page 10 is also on the eBooster®, eTurbo™, and BorgWarner’s growing portfolio of 48V products. Dr. Hermann Breitbach and Heiko Jausel explain BorgWarner’s strategy with regard to electrified solutions.

Beside these new products, the company is also refining and advancing classic turbocharging systems with great success. Impressive examples of this include the R2S® system for the newly developed six-cylinder turbodiesel in the S-Class and the waste gate turbocharger with ported shroud technology for the 165 cubic inch (2.7 liter) EcoBoost engine, which delivers impressive V8 performance from just six cylinders in the Ford F-150 pick-up. We are also presenting the new R2S® turbocharging system for the BMW B47 turbodiesel in this edition. Industrialization in line with the “smart automation” principle proved particularly exciting in this project. This intelligent, modular manufacturing concept will soon make it possible to produce one million units per year – using only a fraction of the assembly area previously required.

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Günter Krämer
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