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BorgWarner opens
new facility in Thailand

In March 2018, BorgWarner Turbo Systems opened its 14th location with a new facility in Rayong. The company is thereby meeting the strong increase in demand for the latest turbocharging technologies in the growing Southeast Asian vehicle market

neues Werk in Thailand

Rayong in Thailand has developed into an important production site for Asian automotive manufacturers over the last few decades. As such, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are now represented alongside western manufacturers like BMW, General Motors, and Ford to serve the increasing demand for vehicles in Southeast Asia. BorgWarner made the decision to supplement its existing facilities in Ningbo and Taicang in China, PyongTaek in South Korea, as well as its Yokohama sales and development office in Japan with a new location in Rayong to manufacture the latest turbochargers locally and secure the company’s marketleading position.

The new manufacturing facility boasts 6,500 square meters of floor space and will produce turbochargers to the latest standards. The manufacturing operations were designed according to lean production principles to ensure high-efficiency production lines. The production hall was designed with a special focus on cleanliness. Beside a light and glossy floor, air locks with double doors were also installed. Foreign particles that could potentially compromise the function of the increasingly complex turbocharging systems are therefore reliably detected and kept at bay. Production at the facility began on March 18. Nissan is the first BorgWarner customer in Asia to be supplied with locally produced turbochargers from Rayong.



… Thailand has a population of around 68 million people. The city of Rayong lies in the province of the same name in the eastern part of the country on the Gulf of Thailand. The manufacture of motor vehicles and their individual parts represents the country’s most important industrial sector. It contributes around 10 percent to gross domestic product. (Source: Wikipedia)


The official opening of the new facility took place on March 7, 2018 within the scope of a traditional Thai celebration. Numerous government representatives, customers, suppliers, and managers from BorgWarner, as well as employees of the new location were in attendance to celebrate the facility’s inauguration with a special ceremony that featured monks, traditional Thai dancing, and a performance by a group of drummers.

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