Great Wall mit High-Performance-Turbodiesel

Drive for the luxury class: The Haval H8 and H9 models
are among the luxury SUVs offered by Great Wall.
Fotos: © Great Wall


Great Wall first

Great Wall H8-Country

Great Wall is a fast growing auto manufacturer and the largest producer of SUVs in China. The company produced more than nine million vehicles of this type in 2016 alone. With a new highperformance turbodiesel, Great Wall is now launching a technically challenging drive that complies with the strict China V exhaust emissions standard. The unit in question is the first passenger car engine from China to be equipped with an R2S® system from BorgWarner.


The new four-cylinder turbodiesel boasts displacement of 122 cubic inches (2 liters) and generates 187 hp (140 kW) thanks to use of the latest exhaust gas turbocharging technology. The regulated two-stage R2S® turbocharging system from BorgWarner used in the engine not only ensures high performance with excellent fuel economy and emissions values, but also guarantees extremely fast pick-up. The maximum torque of 309 lb-ft (420 Nm) is already available from just 1,400 rpm.

Punchy, efficient, robust

The BorgWarner turbocharging system has several special characteristics. It is designed to deliver the greatest possible dynamic driving performance and efficiency, as well as a high degree of robustness and reliability. To ensure that the turbodiesel remains within the strict Chinese exhaust limit values, the system also permits maximum exhaust gas recirculation rates under full load conditions. For optimum control of the two-stage boosting, the R2S® system has a total of three bypass valves, which makes the calibration process a major challenge.

On-site development

The turbocharging technology employed is the first regulated two-stage turbocharging system to be developed at BorgWarner’s Ningbo facility for the Chinese passenger vehicle market. Project responsibility was in the hands of the local team of developers. To steer the project reliably to success and justify the great trust in BorgWarner displayed by the vehicle manufacturer, the application developers in China were supported by a global team of experts. The R2S® system is also produced in China and is initially intended for the 122 cubic inch (2.0 liter) turbodiesel engine used in the Great Wall models Haval H8 and H9. However, its use in other vehicles is already in preparation. Following joint development of the predecessor engine – a 122 cubic inch (2.0 liter) turbodiesel with VTG turbocharger in 2011 (see TurboNews 2/2011) – the new high-performance turbodiesel marks another milestone in the successful partnership between Great Wall and BorgWarner.

BorgWarner eBooster

The R2S® system from BorgWarner helps the turbodiesel from Great Wall achieve high dynamic driving performance with low fuel consumption values.
Foto: © BorgWarner


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