Training the staff of the future

An investment in knowledge gives the best returns. It is with this conviction that BorgWarner has been training young people in a wide range of careers in Kirchheimbolanden since 1961. More than 600 trainees have now started their career here and over 350 of them still work at the facility to this day.


The Kirchheimbolanden site operates its own training department and consistently provides internal training for its specialist personnel. Besides the three technical careers of Cutting Machine Operator, Production Mechanic and Mechatronics Engineer, in which 16 applicants gain places each year, the facility also trains two Industrial Clerks each year. An average of around 60 technical and six commercial trainees are employed in Kirchheimbolanden per year. In addition to this, every year eight further young professionals get the opportunity to complete a dual study program to qualify as Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineers or Electrical Engineers.

Training continuously modernized

As the requirements of professionals are constantly changing, the training courses are continually updated and aligned with the needs of the company. The type of training has also undergone pronounced change. While in the past training focused on specific content, the trainers today see themselves more as learning guides and supporters. Where manual skills used to be the key factor, modern operations require complex automation systems to be set up, processes to be controlled, system faults to be detected and solutions to be developed.


Beside three full-time trainers, trainees also have access to virtual learning environments with networked technology in the training center. The young professionals spend almost half of their working hours in Production and accompanying departments, helping them deepen and extend their freshly acquired knowledge. This gives them an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for their later career. They are also supported by around 50 employees, who act as training officers.



At BorgWarner, the trainees have an excellent opportunity
to prepare themselves for their later career.


The importance of personal responsibility

The facility has also had a special training island in place since 1999. The young professionals work on orders independently here and have to overcome various challenges, for example with regard to quality and delivery date. They also engage in productive teamwork. Further training topics include control technology, robotics, PLCs and CNC.

The training offered in Kirchheimbolanden is therefore very demanding. The facility continuously invests in the latest production technologies and concepts, such as the recent solutions for Industry 4.0. This requires a constant flow of qualified junior staff with new expertise, which is derived from the facility itself.

BorgWarner Turbolader mit Kugellagern

A strong team: the trainers and junior staff at BorgWarner in Kirchheimbolanden.
Photo: © BorgWarner


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