Interview mit Frédéric Lissalde

“BorgWarner is playing a key part in driving forward the mobility for today and tomorrow.”

BorgWarner has now been using its new external communication concept for several months. A lot has also happened within the company – especially in terms of product portfolio alignment. Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager at BorgWarner Turbo Systems, spoke to us about the new positioning in an interview.



What is BorgWarner‘s core message? What are you trying to get across to the market and your customers?

Our new core message revolves around two key aspects. The first is our vision of a clean, energy-efficient world. The second is our claim of product leadership in the field of propulsion solutions. It makes absolutely no difference whether we are talking about vehicles with combustion engine, hybrid drive or electric motor: BorgWarner is playing a key part in driving forward the mobility of today and tomorrow.This is the reason why we develop propulsion solutions that significantly reduce both energy consumption and exhaust emissions. As product leader with more than 100 years of experience in the propulsion sector, we can provide OEM great support in developing more environmentally friendly and economical technologies. This applies equally to passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and also the construction and agricultural machinery sectors.

In your opinion, is BorgWarner well equipped to handle the latest trends in the automotive sector?

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a change that is being heavily influenced by trends such as autonomous driving, connectivity and car sharing. Even in future, however, the most important job of a vehicle will still be to move people and products from point A to point B. This will require increasingly efficient propulsion. With our diverse product portfolio, we position ourselves as the preferred partner for our customers in developing solutions for clean combustion engines, and also hybrid and electric drives. We are well known for having one of the most comprehensive portfolios that covers all market requirements. It is important for us to repeatedly remind our investors and customers, yet also our own employees.

What was the reason for the repositioning?

We have recognized that our activities and the progress we have made in the hybrid and electric vehicle segment have not yet been properly understood by the market. Many people inside our company were also not aware of this fact. So we had to realign our communication concept to ensure awareness.

One of the most important trends in the automotive industry is electrification. How can BorgWarner and, also BorgWarner Turbo Systems benefit from this?

At BorgWarner, we have always engaged in very close partnerships with our customers. So we are excellent at identifying trends right before they translate into actual growth. One example of this is our acquisition of Delco Remy. Our colleagues at Delco Remy complement our portfolio with starters, alternators and electrical motors. There are already promising examples of how we can offer our customers competitive advantages with products in this segment integrating electrical components and BorgWarner mechanical know-how. In the turbocharger business unit, we have our eLine, which includes the eBooster®, eTurbo and fuel cell air supply systems, and are supplementing our current portfolio. Electrification opens up a whole host of new market opportunities for Turbo Systems.


What other technologies is BorgWarner Turbo Systems working on to meet changing market requirements?

We will launch new gasoline engine VTG turbochargers for mass production and the next generation of regulated two-stage turbocharging systems (R2S). The market launch of the first turbocharger with ball bearing technology for large-scale production is also happening now. This is a unique technology, offering our customers a robust NVH-optimized (noise, vibration, harshness) bearing system. We also introduced our first eBooster® range in December 2016. There is a lot more still to come from BorgWarner in this segment. We are engaged in continuous dialog with customers across the globe and are developing solutions that are matched optimally to their specific requirements.

What role does Design for Value play in this context?

We launched the Design for Value initiative almost three years ago. Since this time, DfV has developed into a real success story that is applied throughout the entire company and within all functional areas of our business. We have integrated DfV in our overall processes, we have focused on sharing best practices and are ensuring that our supply base can also generate benefits through participating into the DfV initiative. That way, we ensure sustainability of the initiative. We benefit greatly from the program and are achieving excellent results, which make us more effective day by day. DfV has therefore become an important foundation for our competitiveness and supports us both in generating new business and securing the leading position in our sector. DfV will also soon be part of our DNA, just like product leadership and cost competitiveness.

Mr. Lissalde, many thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

wegweisende Produkte fuer den Antrieb
electric boosting technologies


  • High Voltage Permanent Magnet (PM) Machines
electric drive motor


  • Integrated On-axis
  • Integrated Off-axis
  • Electric Park Lock


  • eBooster® Electrically Driven Compressor
  • eTurbos
  • eTurbocompounds
  • Organic Rankine Cycle Turbines/Pump-Expanders
electric drive module


  • Wastegate Turbochargers
  • VTG Turbochargers
  • R2S Turbocharging Systems

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