Ningbo celebrates successes in customer audits

BorgWarner Werk Ningbo

As the expression goes: no pain, no gain. Everyone at BorgWarner is therefore working hard to meet the high expectations of customers. Perhaps the best example of this is the Ningbo facility in China, which received the highest distinctions in three customer audits.

In the VW VDA6.3 audit, the location received the best possible mark of “A” with the highest possible score of 91 points. This award truly represents a massive success, as the audit standards are extremely strict and the performance of upstream suppliers has a strong influence on the result. The facility also received the Platinum Medal 2016 from Caterpillar for continuous improvements within the scope of the supplier quality excellence process. The award is the highest distinction that Caterpillar presents to suppliers. Ningbo is the first local engine system supplier ever to receive this award. In November 2016, the location also passed the QSB+ audit of DPCA, a joint venture of Dongfeng with PSA Peugeot Citroën in China. With a value of 89 percent, the facility received the highest score among more than 40 suppliers audited in 2016. Ningbo therefore received the QSB+ certificate at the first attempt, although it is typically only presented to a supplier after the second successful audit.


Oroszlány growing
with safety

Despite the fact that BorgWarner‘s facility in Oroszlány, Hungary is constantly growing, employees at the facility have now worked for one million hours without a single accident – not just once, but a total of five times. What an impressive achievement! The facility was presented with the CEO Safety Excellence Award for the fifth time in succession for this excellent performance. Daniel Paterra, Vice President Enterprise Reliability and Sustainability at BorgWarner Turbo Systems, presented the prize at the Oroszlány facility in February 2017. The prize money was donated to various charitable organizations. Many congratulations, Oroszlány!

Team Tauber Institut

Daniel Paterra, Vice President Enterprise Reliability and Sustainability of BorgWarner Turbo Systems, presented the award to the Oroszlány facility in February 2017.


Rzeszów receives award for high quality

Award fuer BorgWarner in Polen

Marek Zabielski, Plant Manager of BorgWarner Poland receives the Polish Quality Award from the representatives of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Center for Testing and Certification and the Polish ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Forum.

Quality is rewarded: BorgWarner‘s facility in Rzeszów, Poland, won the Polish Quality Award 2016. The award, which is based on the standards of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), was presented in Warsaw on November 11, 2016, Poland‘s National Independence Day.

Marek Zabielski, head of the Rzeszów facility, was delighted to accept the award in the royal castle from representatives of the Polish government, as well as the chamber of commerce. The location won the award for its comprehensive portfolio of services and manufacturing operations. The award ceremony, which was held for the 22nd time, is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.

The Polish Quality Award seeks to honor companies which fulfill and surpass the strict requirements of total quality management (TQM). The award is presented by the Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Polish Center for Testing and Certification, as well as the country’s ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Forum. BorgWarner has been working to the principles of TQM in Poland for many years. The accomplishments in terms of quality, work processes, health and safety, and environmental protection were honored accordingly by the 71 members of the Polish Quality Award Committee, comprising members from science and industry. Many congratulations to the management team and employees!



Taicang receives
from Volvo Cars

BorgWarner with VQE-Status

Volvo has strict requirements of its suppliers. Indeed, they must meet the highest demands in terms of efficiency, innovation, safety, environmental friendliness and quality – and only then do they receive VQE status (Volvo Cars Quality Excellence). The BorgWarner Turbo Systems facility in Taicang, China has now been awarded this much-coveted status.

Yuan Xiaolin, President of Volvo Asia Pacific, presented the VQE Award to Ni Guangshan, head of BorgWarner Taicang, on November 25, 2016 during the Volvo Supplier Convention in Sanya. Volvo was keen to emphasize that the facility complies with all VQE conditions and thereby ranks among the best in its sector. The location therefore qualifies as a supplier for the Volvo Car Group. Turbo Systems’ second production site in China was established in 2014. Its manufacturing operations are highly automated and structured according to lean production principles. For its high energy efficiency – an important point for Volvo – the facility was awarded an LEED Gold Certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The first turbocharger range for Volvo was launched in Taicang at the start of 2015. Taicang currently supplies CVEP LP/MP/MP+ turbochargers to Volvo’s Zhangjiakou location in China and exports VEP-LP turbochargers to Sweden. In May 2017, the facility also began turbocharger manufacturing operations for Volvo’s GEP 1.5L program.

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