Range Rover mit Turbodiesel

Visibly dynamic: even with the compact turbodiesel under the hood, the Range Rover Sport truly lives up to its name.
Photos: © Range Rover


Ingenious powerhouse

Ingenium: this is the name of the advanced range of four-cylinder engines which Jaguar Land Rover has been manufacturing in line with the downsizing principle since 2015. A new 122 cubic inch (2.0 liter) turbodiesel is now available for the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery models. Thanks to the latest R2S® turbocharging from BorgWarner, this new engine combines high performance with low fuel consumption.

In the past, SUVs in the premium segment have traditionally been equipped with large-displacement 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engines. With the Ingenium SD4 unit, Jaguar Land Rover is presenting an engine that delivers plenty of power in the sporty yet elegant Land Rover models from just four cylinders and a total displacement of just 122 cubic inches (2.0 liters).

The engine generates 237 hp (177 kW). The maximum torque of 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) is already available from 1,500 rpm. This performance is sufficient to catapult the over-two-ton Range Rover Sport from 0 to 60 mph in around 8 seconds. The top speed is 128 mph. Perhaps even more impressive than the performance is the economy achieved by the diesel SUV, which returns just under 38 mpg US (45 mpg UK).

R2S® supplies constant power

A regulated two-stage R2S® turbocharging system from BorgWarner is what makes this performance possible in the sophisticated turbodiesel unit. It comprises one latest-generation compact turbocharger with VTG technology (variable turbine geometry), as well as one larger B03 turbocharger, which are arranged in series.

The smaller, high-pressure turbocharger delivers immediate response from low engine speeds and establishes boost pressure particularly quickly thanks to its VTG mechanism. An electric actuator ensures optimum adjustment of the turbine vanes to the respective operating conditions here. As the engine speed increases, a turbine control flap increasingly diverts the exhaust gas stream to the larger low-pressure turbocharger, which eventually takes on all of the work at higher revs.

Fuel economy and emissions both improved

The R2S® system delivers consistent high boost pressure throughout the entire rev band and thereby guarantees a powerful, dynamic and pleasurable driving experience. At the same time, it helps reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions significantly. With the new turbocharging system, BorgWarner is supporting Jaguar Land Rover in achieving ambitious targets with regard to performance, consumption and emissions.

Collaboration to be further expanded

The market launch of the new turbodiesel is the result of intensive collaboration between the developers at JLR and BorgWarner – which is currently being expanded on a large scale. BorgWarner will also be supplying the booster systems for the launch of JLR‘s new gasoline engines this year.

The R2S® turbocharging system for the new SD4 unit is manufactured by BorgWarner in Bradford, employing ultra-modern manufacturing systems that comply with the strictest quality standards. At the same time, the start of production marks the launch of high-volume passenger vehicle turbocharger manufacturing in Bradford. The facility has a highly motivated workforce, which is not only responsible for local sales and application development, but can now also offer local manufacturing for JLR.

BorgWarner Turbodiesel

Massive power with impressively low consumption: the R2S® system from BorgWarner delivers consistent high boost pressure across a wide rev band.
Photo: © BorgWarner


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