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Everyone is talking about electromobility. BorgWarner has also been extending its product portfolio for several years to include innovative solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles. The innovative system solution for 48V electrification presented in this edition of TurboNews is an excellent example of this. The combination of the eBooster® electrically driven compressor with a beltdriven motor-generator unit (MGU) is set to open up new downsizing and downspeeding opportunities for vehicle manufacturers.

BorgWarner is also working at full speed on further refining classic products for combustion engines. For example, the Gen3 B-series is a new generation of turbochargers currently in the starting blocks that is equipped with a highly developed bearing system. Starting on page 10 of this edition, you can also read about the switchable trim compressor (STC), the first turbocharging system to employ variable compressor geometry.

Yet another innovation is the world’s first dual volute turbocharger for a gasoline engine. BorgWarner implemented the turbocharging system for the new 165 cubic inch (2.7-liter) L3B engine from General Motors. The engine develops so much thrust from very low revs that it is the first four-cylinder gasoline engine ever to be used in the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickup trucks.

Our articles on the B47 platform engine from BMW and the new OM 654 four-cylinder turbodiesel from Daimler underline the fact that the diesel engine still represents a modern propulsion concept today. Both premium manufacturers rely on the R2S® regulated two-stage exhaust gas turbocharging system from BorgWarner and have thereby prepared their engines for the strict Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard.

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Günter Krämer
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