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Forward thinkers: Wulf Seiffert, Dr. Iryna Zweidinger, Viktor Narejkis, and Burkhardt Tellschaft from BorgWarner are delighted with the DIN User Prize 2018.
Photo: © BorgWarner


We DIN it!


Defining norms and standards for a global company can be a real challenge. Especially when this company is constantly growing and operates offices the world over – like BorgWarner. The standardization team at BorgWarner Turbo Systems has developed an innovative development process for global company standards and was awarded the DIN User Prize 2018 for its efforts.

Have you heard of the DIN 820 standard? As the mother of all standards by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), it specifies a process for how standards are created. At BorgWarner Turbo Systems, DIN 820 has been consistently applied in the last few years to create an efficient global company standard process. It is characterized by significantly shorter processing times and higher-quality company standards. Thanks to the involvement of everyone affected and clearly regulated responsibilities, the standardization process has also met with greater acceptance among BorgWarner employees. Several fields of application for company standardization – such as standardization accompanying the development process – were only made possible by the new, streamlined process. So far, processes, validation criteria, quality, and materials have already been standardized worldwide, which improves long-term cost efficiency in many company divisions.

For these important successes, Dr. Iryna Zweidinger, Wulf Seiffert, and Burkhardt Tellschaft from the team of Viktor Narejkis were awarded the DIN User Prize 2018 by DIN e. V. . The award ceremony took place in Berlin, Germany, at the end of 2018, where the BorgWarner employees received the award from DIN Chairman Christoph Winterhalter. The jury praised the Standardization Team’s strategy of unifying and internationalizing internal standards as an “exemplary model for norms and standardization”.


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