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on ice


Harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice, and cold place great demands on vehicle technology – especially for vehicles with a high proportion of electrical components. Customers of BorgWarner had the opportunity to see just how well the company’s innovative propulsion solutions perform under extreme conditions at the annual Arctic Drive Event in Sweden from February 25 to March 8.


Arjeplog in the North of Sweden.
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The keys here were reliable acceleration, spontaneous braking, and avoiding obstacles – all of which had to be performed on icy roads at temperatures well below freezing. Anyone looking to reliably master these situations requires a vehicle with rugged, reliable technology, as well as the best possible traction and stability. BorgWarner supplies the corresponding propulsion technology for this and offers vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to experience the latest technologies for themselves in the toughest of conditions every year during the Arctic Drive Winter Test in Arjeplog in the North of Sweden.

Focus on electric products

In keeping with the ongoing trend toward electromobility, focus this year was in particular on electrified products. The technologies that were quite literally on ice in Sweden include 48V solutions such as the eBooster® electrically driven compressor. It almost completely eliminates any notion of turbo lag – while at the same time improving fuel consumption.

The P2 hybrid module from BorgWarner was also on test. It gives vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to convert existing vehicle concepts employing a combustion engine into hybrids without having to change the engine or transmission. The extremely compact technology facilitates CO2 savings and offers benefits such as electric boost, sailing, as well as recuperation without loss of energy. The module is compatible both with high-voltage and 48V hybrid systems.

Broad portfolio of electrical solutions

The GenVI AWD coupling from BorgWarner was also fitted to a test vehicle. The design, which features a compact, brushless DC motor, fully integrated electronics, and a centrifugally operated piston pump with six pistons, facilitates greater efficiency and torque accuracy.

The coupling also impresses with excellent response times. Furthermore, the 2-speed pre-emptive on-demand transfer case had to prove itself in the test vehicle, too. It employs a particularly compact, efficient design and distributes high, individually scalable input torque very accurately. And ultimately, the HVH electric motors (high voltage hairpin) patented by BorgWarner were included in the testing in Sweden. These durable, rugged engines can be used in almost any situation and facilitate efficiency of more than 95% for a greater range.

Customers clearly impressed

“Our Arctic Drive Winter Test offers customers the opportunity to experience the high degree of reliability offered by our technologies for themselves,” comments Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager at BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems. “We continuously improve our technologies and can now offer vehicle manufacturers sophisticated solutions in the field of e-mobility that are highly temperature insensitive.” The customers participating in the test were clearly impressed, both by the performance and the high degree of reliability of the technologies being showcased in the challenging test environment.


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