BorgWarner wins
SOS Team Challenge 2018

Management and employees at BorgWarner have been supporting the SOS Children’s Villages for two years. The drive specialist has now been crowned winner of the SOS Team Challenge 2018. This makes BorgWarner the company with the most creative and effective fund-raising campaigns for the SOS Children’s Villages.


Nadja Malak (left) and Lisa Gruber (right) of SOS Children’s Villages present the SOS Team Challenge 2018 certificate to Barbara Keller (centre), Global Program Manager SOS Children’s Villages Project.


BorgWarner became a partner to SOS Children’s Villages worldwide in 2017. What has been achieved for children in need of support since this time is truly impressive. Within just two years, the company’s employees – together with their families – covered more than 1.2 million kilometers at various running events to collect donations. For example, the BorgWarner Turbo & Morse Team at the PyongTaek location collected around € 4,400 in 2018 thanks to an SOS Turbo Run.

Just like all other locations, the PyongTaek facility supports its workforce in drumming up support for marathons and fund-raising campaigns for the benefit of children. Thanks to the events and initiatives all around the world, the employees of BorgWarner have been able to collect and donate more than €60,000 worldwide. More than 300 employees were fully on board, spending over 3,000 hours on activities and services to support the SOS Children’s Villages.

Greater opportunities for the children

Offering the children better learning conditions and more opportunities to develop their full potential ranks among the most important objectives of BorgWarner’s commitment. Several facilities have therefore equipped schools with learning resources, set up computer rooms and libraries, and made extra tuition sessions possible. In addition to this, the children and young people were invited to attend factory tours and also offered internships at various locations.

The money from the employees’ donation pot was used for renovating houses, upgrading gardens, and maintaining play areas. All of this was done with the intention of creating a safe and appropriate environment for the children and families at the SOS Children’s Villages. At several locations, employees also used flea markets and charity cafés to collect donations, as well as producing and auctioning off Christmas decorations.

The company’s focus on safety also benefited the SOS Children’s Villages, as several locations received CEO Safety Awards for their many hours of work without a reportable accident. €70,000 of the total prize money that accompanies these awards were donated to the SOS Children’s Villages.

BorgWarner assumes responsibility

How important it is for BorgWarner to assume social responsibility and stand up for children – as the smallest members of our society – is also underlined by the following: Two managers from the top management team at BorgWarner have already set up teams, with which they have visited selected SOS Children’s Villages. The teams performed repair work and held trainings on strengthening the social skills of the children. The third manager is currently planning this year’s project. The experience gained by BorgWarner here provides the company with valuable insights into what the SOS Children’s Villages really do to ensure that young people can grow up in a protected environment.

Each BorgWarner location supports the SOS Children’s Villages in its own creative way. However, the feedback that the company receives from all SOS locations is unanimous. The “can do” attitude of the BorgWarner employees, their efforts to improve the life of the children and their families, as well as the way they are actively committed to making changes are truly unique.


Great fun for the children of “La casa de los niños” in Ramos: The boys and girls are clearly delighted with their new play area. The employees at BorgWarner Ramos raised the money for the equipment through running events.


Photos: © BorgWarner

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