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Safety for employees, customers, partners, and the environment is an important corporate objective at BorgWarner. The company is therefore going to great lengths to protect the health of its employees, focusing in particular on the field of health & safety at work. Besides consistent safety management, this also involves strengthening safety awareness at the workplace.

The Safety Awards of BorgWarner underline just how firmly the topic of safety is now anchored in the minds of employees. The company uses these awards to honor locations that have reached one million working hours without a reportable accident. The primary objective of this measure is to sensitize employees to the topic of safety. To date, almost all BorgWarner facilities have been able to win at least one of the much-coveted awards.

A victory for safety

The Kirchheimbolanden site in Germany received a CEO Safety Award in November 2018. Robin Kendrick, former Vice President at BorgWarner Inc. and President & General Manager at Turbo Systems, presented the award toPlant Manager Dr. Jürgen Adam. The employees donated the accompanying prize money of US$ 20,000 (€ 17,800) to three local SOS Children’s Villages. On March 19, 2019, BorgWarner in Asheville, USA was also presented with a CEO Safety Award. BorgWarner CEO Frédéric Lissalde presented the prize toPlant Manager Mark Passolt in the presence of more than 500 employees. Asheville donated its prize money to Read for Success, a local establishment that promotes literacy among children up to their third year of schooling. The employees in PyongTaek, South Korea were also recently delighted to receive a CEO Safety Award. The facility, for example, organizes a monthly safety audit, which is performed by 40 employees and encompasses a total of 360 employees. The workforce presented its prize money to the SOS Children’s Village in Seoul to support medical care. The facility in Oroszlany, Hungary was recently delighted to win its seventh CEO Safety Award – which makes it one of the most successful locations in terms of safety. Other locations that have been successful in winning multiple awards in particular include Ramos, Mexico and Rzeszów, Poland.

Rzeszów the first facility to be certified to ISO 45001

Rzeszów also excels through another special characteristic in terms of safety. The Polish facility is the first BorgWarner location to be certified to the new ISO 45001 international safety standard. The certification was awarded at the end of February 2019 and required many key changes to systems and behavioral patterns at the facility. Several of the solutions that were drawn up in the course of the switchover to the new standard were recognized as exceptional and worthy of imitation for other organizations during the certification process. The integrated safety management system of BorgWarner in Poland is now state-of-the-art, and the facility is ideally equipped to handle new challenges.


More than 500 employees celebrated in Asheville


Not one, but three local SOS Children’s Villages were delighted to receive prize money following the presentation of the CEO Safety Awards in Kibo.


Employees at the PyongTaek facility are delighted to receive the CEO Safety Award.


The ISO 45001 team in Rzeszów (from left to right): Marcin Witkowski, Joanna Pawlak, Iwona Szczerbicka, and Jerzy Stempak.


Davide Girelli, Vice President and General Manager Europe and South America, Attila Bogár, General Manager Oroszlány and Robin Kendrick, former President and General Manager BorgWarner Turbo Systems.


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